Portfolio for ART 178 (NOT designed for mobile devices)

Alien Nations

November 29 2017 - Finished implementation of the space trading game. Playable version available, do not run on low quality.

Alien Nations

October 25 2017 - A space trading game featuring a charming space walrus named Spurdo: Alien Nations.

Refer to survey below to give me delicious data about the race designs.

Alien Nations Survey

October 4 2017 - Survey for favorite race in Alien Nations.

Fun Loop: Physics Experiment

September 20 2017 - most basic game mechanic attempt (intended to be modified and implemented beyond/without gray canvas below)

DJ Pong

September 13 2017 (orig August 30 2017) - a Pong/Breakout mashup

On Visuality

September 11 2017 - presentation about visual culture

On Visuality